Super Easy Vegan Fudge

When you get a craving but don't want to go to the store it helps to have a few staples on hand. Whip these up in just a few minutes, put in the fridge, relax while they set, eat.

Does Your Butt Have Mom Brain?

Your butt (gluteal muscles) probably has mom brain-- so here's what you need to know.  You know that weird foggy state that is usually surrounding the first few months of your child’s life. The fatigue and exhaustion are real. Recovering from birth while tending to...

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You deserve to feel empowered, strong and confident in yourself, your body, your ability to birth your baby, recover and be a badass mom. Muscle Moms is your resource for all things #momlife from fitness, food, friends, and advocacy. Muscle Moms provides the tools and knowledge you need to continue exercise throughout pregnancy and nourish your body appropriately. And as you enter into motherhood, Muscle Moms can guide you through your postpartum period with appropriate exercises for the new mom.


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