Muscle Moms programs are designed for women looking for guidance during pregnancy and the postpartum phase. My goal is to empower each woman to feel strong and confident in herself, her body and feel prepared for birth. Muscle Moms provides the tools and knowledge you need to continue exercise throughout pregnancy, which can mean fewer aches and pains during pregnancy, easier labor, less perceived pain during labor and delivery, quicker postpartum recovery and a healthier baby-just to name a few!

Muscle Moms is developed with all stages of pregnancy in mind, customizing your workouts based on trimester. Exercise can prepare your body and your mind for birth, and beyond. Pregnancy is a time of strength, and you’re stronger than you know, in so many ways! As you enter into motherhood, Muscle Moms can guide you through your postpartum period with appropriate exercises for the new mom. In addition, all programming includes core restoration exercises and diastasis recti repair.

Guide To Glutes

Complete Guide to Glutes comes with high quality, no slip, glute band to use for all exercises. Exercise list and videos included in the program and will be emailed to your email upon purchase.This band was specifically manufactured to:

✅ Help engage glutes without heavy loads.
✅ Activates and strengthens the hips, glutes, and hamstrings.
✅ Helps stabilization through engaging hip abductors and external rotators.

✅ Safely strengthen glutes to help stabilize the pregnant mom
✅ Teaches you to push your knees out while squatting helping ensure proper form and more isolated glute activation.
✅ Soft material that you can use even on bare skin

This glute band doesn’t:
❌ Slip
❌ Roll
❌ Fold
❌ Tear
❌ Suck 😀

I love this glute band! The workouts are simple, quick and effective. I can tell a difference in my shape too. 

This band is amazing! It doesn’t slip or pinch me. And I don’t have to keep messing with it while doing the exercises which is great because bending over with my pregnant belly can be tough!

Prenatal and Postpartum In-person Sessions

  • Gym or home setting (I can come to  you!)
  • Workouts tailored to your needs and stage of pregnancy or postpartum
  • Piece of mind knowing you’re doing the right thing at the right time
  • Each session incorporates strength, cardio, stretching and core
  • OKC only

Your in-home sessions have been a life saver for me! With one kid asleep and one on the way, I’ve been able to maintain some level of fitness throughout pregnancy. Thank you for always being an understanding and thoughtful trainer!